How to Create a Haunted House

So….you got stuck doing the haunted house by the committee… we’re going to help you tackle this seemingly impossible task and emerge as a hero…that’s the plan anyway…. BOOK YOUR EVENT NOW! CALL 281-412-5200 Hire a haunted House This is the obvious choice but it’s a little cost prohibitive for many parties. To have a…

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Barmitzvah and Batmitzvah Planning

Bar Mitzvah celebration. Brother of the Bar Mitzvah boy is held up on a chair. It is traditional for the child and his family to be raised on chairs during the party.

We’ve been doing mitvzahs for a couple decades and we’ve picked up a few things along the way that might be helpful for your event. BOOK YOUR EVENT NOW! CALL 281-412-5200 Themes Some families will opt for a theme. It can be something like sports, Candyland, Hollywood, Paris, nightclub, art or under the sea. It…

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Working With Your Wedding DJ

Congratulations. You’re getting married and you want to make sure everything is perfect. The good news is that it’s getting easier to put together a ceremony and reception than ever before. There’s more choices and you can always steal great ideas from other weddings on Pinterest or YouTube. If you’re doing a reception, you’re going…

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