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Our new show for 2023!

Mr. Nice Guy...everyone has heard his name, but few have ever met him. Marvel never made a movie about him. eBay doesn't sell his costumes. So who is he?

We’ve created  an original new show with a superhero who's powers aren't picking up heavy objects or flying through the air.

Mr. Nice Guy's powers are kindness, friendship and helping find unity. That's better than beating people up. 

Magic, Puppets, Comedy, Audience Participation...

 We put together the best together show that could be put together!

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Questions about the show? Contact us! 281-412-5200

Mr. Nice Guy is available for booking at libraries in Southeast Texas.

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Available for daycares and preschools too!

Magic, music, jokes, stories and audience participation!

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Mr. Nice Guy will be arriving soon!

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