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We provide trained elephants throughout the US.

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Riding an elephant at your wedding makes a statement... Unfortunately trained elephants are a rarity in the US and there's only about 5 trainers who travel around the country. Because they're so expensive to keep, bringing an elephant to your event start at $14,000 and up depending on your location. If your schedule is flexible, sometimes we can tap into a fair schedule and save several thousand dollars off the price. Most of our elephants have circus experience so they're voice command trained and used to working in environments with people. 

Lately some of our trainers have been targeted by animal activists who feel that riding an elephant is "animal cruelty" . As a result, it is impossible to get a permit to book them in some states. Some of our clients have been able to bypass these laws by contending that their religious freedom is being suppressed by not letting them follow their Indian traditions. You can rest assured that our trainers treat  the pachyderms with respect and adhere to very strict rules of transporting them and feeding them.

Some of our elephants have Indian themed costuming, but not all of them. Let us know if that is something you need for your event. Some our clients have asked to be able to decorate the elephants with flowers. Let us know at the time of booking what you'd like to do.

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