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bringing snow to texas!

Small Snow Party


Our smallest snow delivery is 10 x 10 feet of snow area, 4-6 inches deep. If you're looking for less snow than this, you can look at our "instant" snow powder listed below.

medium snow party

snow party

Snow is sold by the ton and can be ordered by weight or area to be filled. If you're doing a  20 x 20 size area (or larger) you might consider adding a slide.

We can create snow for any size venue. Let us know the square footage of your area and we can tell you how much snow you'll need to cover it 4-6 inches deep. Snow is sold by the ton, so if you already know how many tons you need, we can also give you a price that way.

metal slide


Our metal slide is on a trailer base and can be elevated 8 1/2 feet. We cover it with snow and it becomes the perfect snow hill for sledding. There's steps on the side for easy access.

hay slide


You provide the stacked hay bales and we put the snow over the top to create your very own biodegradable, reusable or edible (if you're a cow) slide for your event.

snow globe

live reindeer with santa and sleigh

Our inflatable snow globe makes a great Instagram worthy photo whether its a hot Texas day or jacket weather. Available as a DIY photo opp or with a photographer and printer. Call us and let us know how we can help you

ice skating rink

snow party 2

Hot Texas weather and outdoor ice skating aren't very compatible,, so we took the ice out of the equation and offer the perfect ice-less surface solution. Our rink is made of super frictionless material with special skates to give you the same feel of ice skating without having to worry about falling into a frozen lake. Available in different sizes.

If you need a snow solution that won't melt or is below our minimum order, we have DIY snow expandable powder. Simply wet the powder and create mounds of snow looking material that can last for weeks. Great for photo shoots, small parties or to give your Christmas decor a winter feel.

snow themed inflatable


We have lots of seasonal inflatables to choose from if you'd like to add a little something extra to your snow party.

set up your winter wonderland today!