Zoom With Santa Online (5 min. visit)


Santa Claus is gearing up for Christmas, but he’s always got a few minutes to chat with boys and girls around the world. If you can’t get out to see Santa at the mall or you’d like to have a little private time with Father Christmas, modern technology makes it all possible. Santa can zoom your family, HOA, or company at an arranged time and talk to your little ones about their Christmas wishes. Santa can even show a copy of the lists that they’ve created and check it for accuracy and update any new wishes.

Simply fill out the form, send us a picture of your child’s list and let us know the best time to contact you. If we can’t reach you, we will reschedule another slot at no extra charge.

Santa is the real deal: Real beard, Christmas backdrop, and a beautiful Santa throne. Record your PC screen to enjoy for years to come