What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality, is ...to put it briefly, something you have to experience to believe. It is almost complete immersion into another world. Wherever you look, up, down, around....you're in the world we put you. You can interact with objects and people and things. You can pick things up, throw them, talk to others, ride a rollercoaster, watch a whale swim, shoot zombies. Virtual Reality has arrived. The technology seems impossible. How did we go from Pacman to VR in 40 years? I don't know the answer to that, but I can tell you, that you will be blown away.

Ritchie's Plank

Ritchie's Plank will blow your mind. As we slip the headset on you, you'll suddenly be standing on a downtown street next to a high rise. There's an open elevator door. You walk into the elevator and push the button to the top floor. Yes, you actually walk in and push a button. That's what you see anyway. You hear elevator music and you can see that the elevator is ascending through the crack in the door. Suddenly the door opens and there's a plank in front of you. It's obvious what you should do. Walk the plank. Except that....well...you probably don't want to risk falling off and dying. Your brain knows it's not real, but your eyes don't. Half of our "riders" can't make it onto the plank. Don't worry though. Press a cheat code into the elevator buttons and you've got jet propulsion blasters. You can fly around downtown like Rocketman, land on buildings, commandeer and hot air balloon or race a helicopter. You're suddenly a superhero.

Fruit Ninja

You've probably played Fruit Ninja on your phone...Woo hoo...that was fun for 5 minutes.

How about this? We drop you off in Chinatown with 2 samurai swords and giant pieces of fruit shooting up into the air? You can slice and dice to your heart's content with no mess to clean up after. Can you get high score or will you blow yourself up by slicing a cartoon bomb by mistake?

Rollercoaster ride

Last year's amusement park convention was in Florida and guess what all the new rides have in common? They're VR rides. Universal studios has a new VR station, the new Harry Potter ride is VR, and motion simulators are turning into....yes...VR. It was only a matter of time before a motionless rollercoaster was perfected. Our VR rollercoaster has all the thrillls and chills of a real rollercoaster ride without going anywhere. How can that be fun? It's YOUR brain fooling you...don't blame us.

nursing homes

We decided to see how VR would go over at some senior citizen assisted living centers and our theories proved to be true. Some of the residents that couldn't leave the center because of health and mobility issues had no problem flying around buildings and taking a raft down the Grand Canyon's river in VR. Virtual Reality is the perfect therapy to explore and visit places that you can't get to in real life. Visit art museums, castles and famous places around the world. Sit on a beach in Hawaii. Shoot some zombies. We have lots of experiences that work just fine with our rider in a wheelchair.

arizona sunshine

If you're a gamer, or you know a few, you're probably aware that gamers have an affinity for buttons and controllers that ordinary humans don't possess. This is why we put them in Arizona Sunshine. It's a zombie shoot 'em up that can be terrifying to say the least. You have to salvage bullets by opening abandoned car trunks, eat rotted food from refrigerators and deal with unpredictable hordes of the undead. There's a learning curve involved with figuring out how to pick up things, drop things, shoot, duck and get around. You have to find keys to open doors and use strategy while dodging zombies. If they get next to you...it's damn scary. They are full sized zombies trying to eat you and it looks more real than you can imagine. It's not for everyone, but if fruit ninja bores you, I'm just sayin'.

tons of experiences

We have experiences for any type of themed event. You can visit art museums, rescue stuffed animals, fly around the world (literally), watch a live lecture, talk to real people around a campfire, host a party, have a Frisbee competition, navigate a maze, go fishing One of our weirdest games has you the size of Godzilla while miniature cop cars and fire trucks attack you for just being who you are. There's a sick happiness in destroying the little vermin...after all, they drew first blood.

Paint a masterpiece in 3D. Watch a video in 360 that is so real you'll feel like you're really there. Visit your childhood home. Learn how to run a cartoon convenience store or work in an office in the 80s. It's a big virtual world out there.

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