Barmitzvah and Batmitzvah Planning

We've been doing mitvzahs for a couple decades and we've picked up a few things along the way that might be helpful for your event.


Some families will opt for a theme. It can be something like sports, Candyland, Hollywood, Paris, nightclub, art or under the sea. It can also be as simple as just choosing colors as a theme. Having a theme is a nice way of making your event flow together. It's pretty easy to find decor, costumes and other props to fit and your party won't look like a hodgepodge of random things.


For most parties, the DJ is the most important element. It's important that when you're hiring your DJ, to know he has the latest music and can deal with teens. A performer who doesn't have the right music will not work for this crowd. There's usually several other options to add to your DJ: You can add a motivational dancer to get everyone on the floor and teach them some line dances. Video is also very popular. Being able to play music videos, put messages on the screen and play a slideshow can add a lot to the party.

Photography & Photo Booths

Many mitzvahs have a strolling photographer as well as a videographer. Other popular photography options are photo booths, flip books, 3D photos and green screen videos. Most of these can be set up in a 10 x 10 ft space and come with attendants to run them and make sure nothing goes horribly wrong.


Although the candlelighting ceremony is less often seen than in previous years, it's still a nice tribute to the special people and family members who have helped contribute to your teen's life. Selecting a song that reminds you of each person that is asked to light the candle can make the rite even more special. It can be a song with their name, a song about where they came from or a song about how they relate to your son or daughter. If you have a DJ, you can give him a few facts about each person and he can help you find a song that goes well with each candle.


Glow necklaces, T-shirts, and inflatables are often bought in bulk to give to guests. Rhode Island Novelty, Oriental Trading Company and Windy City Novelties are great online stores. You can also hire an airbrush artist to custom paint shirts, flip flops or other items to add a personalized touch.


Living statues, strolling magicians, animal performers, temporary tattoos, psychics, jugglers, or cirque-type acts all are good options. If your event is themed, it's even easier to choose your performers. Let's say you're doing a Paris theme. You could book a mime, an accordion player and hire someone to make crepes. A Hollywood theme could have a living Oscar statue at the door and celebrity impersonators strolling around near the red carpet. The sky is the limit.

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