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1. Little Thing
2. Carpooling Mom
3. Bad Attitude
4. Me and Bobby MaGee
5. Prayer

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Leah White is from all over Texas. Having a father who is a Methodist minister required her and her family to move to small towns all over the state and so many places are considered home and part of who she has become. She began singing and playing the piano as a small girl. However, it was a family tradition to play the acoustic/electric guitar. Her Grandmother, June Horton, a singer and actress played guitar and piano. Her father, Dr. Jay Horton, picked it up in the 3rd Grade and has since become an accomplished singer, songwriter and lead guitarist.  Christmas memories are of everyone in the family in the living room passing the guitar around singing songs. These influences inspired Leah in high school to pick up the guitar and demand her father teach her the very first song of choice - Stairway to Heaven. She began singing and writing her first songs when she was 16 years old.


In college at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas she got away from performances in front of church congregations and went to Georgetown’s Wildfire Café. This was a great opportunity to have a consistent gig with consistent pay for entertaining. The University life also gave her opportunities to make money singing her music at private parties and school functions. After college she moved to Houston, Texas where she found consistent gigs at Little Woodrows on Sunday evenings playing covers and original songs. Other appearances have been at the Mucky Duck and Houston’s Engine Room. 


Singing and songwriting, however, for very good reasons dramatically slowed down with the start of a family. Leah married Brian White in 2002 and had her two daughters, Lauren born in October 2003 and Nora born in December 2005. Leah had said of guitar playing and pregnancies, “I was taking blues guitar lessons before Lauren was born and my stomach got so big it made it almost impossible to play the guitar in mid-air!” Leah has also joked that, “Writing songs has become increasingly more difficult now that I don’t have any ex-boyfriends to sing about!”  Things took a change in 2006. Leah quit her full-time job and took a part-time position in Children & Family Ministries at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. Leah and her husband Brian had been volunteering to perform children’s music on Sunday mornings and had been doing it for a while, but a career in children’s music was far from her mind. This was until Cool Front Productions, an independent record label, approached her to write and perform children’s music. Leah prepares to have an album released in 2007 as a result of this venture. 


Leah White’s music is folk rock and crosses into pop with some blues influence. The music is written and inspired from her life and for this reason it’s an intimate experience listening to her music. The recording she has done thus far has been with her record label producer/mixer Mike Griffith of Cool Front. Leah has said, “Mike has a rap and hip/hop background that helps me break out of my rut of sounding like a folk artist on every song.”  With an album coming in 2007 and children’s music on the forefront of Leah White’s latest creative vision, there is sure to be some interesting and creative music on the horizon that has less to do with ex-boyfriends and more to do with breastfeeding, carpooling and car seat dilemmas.

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