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For your next event you will have a Hypnotist...you will have a hypnotist...




What is "Hypnosis?"

The word "hypnosis" is derived from the Greek word for the God of Sleep, "Hypnos." Hypnosis however, is not sleep. If it were the subjects would not be able to hear the voice of the hypnotist and react to the suggestions.
Everyone can be hypnotized as long as they are willing to listen, pay attention and follow directions with the exception of the following three types of people: Someone who is drunk, someone who doesn't want to be hypnotized or people with an IQ clinically below 70. 

Almost everyone who volunteers in a show will be hypnotized. Sometimes during a show there are unique distractions that can keep a person from becoming hypnotized at that particular moment. This is expected and happens almost every show.  People cannot be made to do anything that is against their will while under hypnosis. In other words, you cannot be made do anything that is against your moral or ethical values while experiencing hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a heightened state of suggestibility in which a direct connection is made to the subconscious mind, bypassing the conscious mind, the part of the brain that thinks, reasons and talks to itself. The subconscious doesn't talk, think or reason, it simply hears and causes action. This is all brought on by complete relaxation and the skill of the hypnotist. 
AJ La Haye - Certified Master Hypnotist

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All the psychics we book are fun, upbeat and know their stuff!
Whether you would like tarot cards, palm reading, fortune telling or handwriting analysis, we have just the psychic for you.

Lindy Lumbert
Memorable party entertainment. Lindy accurately tells your guests what they are doing right in life and what people like best about them. Guests walk away saying, “She's good,” and they'll remember your event for years to come. She's fastest at reading palms and eyes, but if requested she can also read cards, Halloween costumes (yes. They can be read) and handwriting. If you have lots of guests to read quickly, have her do Name Numerology where she reads personalities based on their names. This is amazingly accurate as well and lots of fun. For small parties of 25 or less (especially for pre-teen birthday parties) she's been booked to give party guests their own psychic experiences. Lindy's been reading at parties since 1990 and has read for most of the large companies in the Houston area. With all this experience, and her guarantee of upbeat, positive readings, she's sure to please.
Psychics Gloria Favuzza
Sister Glo, has been a fixture at Houston area psychic fairs since 1999. She got her first reading when she was 16 years old and has been seeking advanced knowledge ever since.  Gloria specializes in astrology and tarot readings, often cross referencing the two for greater depth.  
Pat Rickard
Pat Rickard makes her full-time living as a Psychic Reader, Spiritualist and Palmist. You Texas Renaissance Festival and Excalibur Faire fans will no-doubt remember her as Madame Fatima. She is the house professional spiritualist for Lone Star Spirits Paranormal Investigations and has been on television many times as such. She teaches psychic development courses, hosts a weekly psychic circle group, and occasionally does a seance at Tranquil Thymes (but not during Mercury Retrograde). She does do parties, but expect to book way ahead because the woman is busy.

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Chuck Montgomery
Chuck Montgomery is a pioneer and 26-year veteran of the Houston comedy scene, having started his career at the Comedy Workshop in 1978.  By 1981, Chuck was on the road full time doing standup, and during the eighties and nineties, headlined countless comedy club and college shows.  He has worked with Sam Kennison, Rosie O’Donnell, Ellen DeGeneres, Pat Paulson, Brett Butler, and many others.  In his pre-television years, Drew Carey opened for Chuck.

Tommy Drake
Aside from being a stand-up comedian, Tommy is also known for his variety act. He is a juggler and magician and has a unique brand of family style comedy to accompany his antics. Having just come off of Cher's "Farewell Tour," Tommy Drake was the diva's opening act for 88 shows and has been seen if front of more than 800,000 people, which is more than any other touring comedian in the world. Tommy spent most of 2003 on the road with Cher's crew and is now adjusting to life in comedy clubs again.

Chris Kerner
For nearly a decade Chris’ edgy, fast-paced, stand-up comedy act has made him a crowd favorite in his hometown of Houston TX, where he’s a regular at The Laff Spot and the Comedy Showcase. Not stopping there, Chris has taken his act to comedy clubs all over the US, including stops in CO, NM, SC, TX, LA, MS, FL, IL, KS and WY. He’s also a regular performer at the world famous Rivera Comedy Club in Las Vegas, NV. From cruise ships like The Texas Treasure to corporate shows for companies including Compaq Computers and Reliant Energy, Chris has done it all. He’s even toured Germany and Italy performing stand up on US Military bases.

John Jackshaw
John Jakshaw is what we in the comedy biz call a natural. After easily transitioning from radio to the comedy stage, John quickly found himself a paid professional booked at Houston's Laff Spot Comedy Club (where he shows up often) & being invited back for a second show at Lakewood Church. He appears regularly at Christian Comedy Nights at churches & coffeehouses all over Houston & is a prolific writer, coming up with new, hilarious material every time we work together. Though visually impaired, John's observations will leave you in stitches. Do yourself a favor, book John or catch his show while he's still affordable; this comic is definitely on the way up!!

Kim Coleman
What happens when you take a country girl and put her on stage? You get an evening of electrifying comedy guaranteed to push any event over the top. With audience participation, a few props and whatever else she can find, Kim will have you rolling in the aisles. " Don't let the southern drawl fool you, God gave it to me and I'm not afraid to use it."

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Our Mimes Don't Talk Back!

mimes   mimes   mines

Houston area based mimes for shows, walk-around and specialty characters

Looking for a mime in the Houston area? We have mime troupes, individual mimes, living statues and even a paint-o-mime! We offer the Texas Mime theater as well as mimes for club openings, special events, galas or even street performing style. If a mime falls in the forest, does anyone here him yell??

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Our Little People need work. Don't feel as if you are being disrespectful by hiring a little person for your event. The highest compliment you can pay them is to give them employment.

We have characters like Stumpy the Pirate - Authentic Elves - The World's Smallest Ringmaster - Leprechauns -Cousin It

little people court fool


Stubby the Pirate

The Court Fool



LittlePeopleCousin It


Cousin Itt with the Addams