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Portrait Artists

Dan Dunn caricatures

Dan Dunn's Paintjam is an exciting, adrenaline-filled, improvisational painting performance your guests will not want to miss! A native Houstonian, Dan Dunn has a background in painting, illustration, design and caricature. He received worldwide attention when his teenage daughter posted a video of his performance art  “Paintjam” on youtube.  She spread the word on social networking sites and it took off like a rocket. The videoof Dan painting Ray Charles has received over 13 million hits and propelled Dan into a full time career performing all over the globe, proving that the three fastest forms of communication are: telephone, television and tell a teenager! He has performed on The Ellen Show, with celebrity musicians and more!

Caricatures by Jody Brownd

Jody got his start in caricatures with a summer job at Astro World to help work his way through art school.  Jody graduated from the Art Institute of Houston in 1985 with a Degree in Commercial Art. With the help of veteran caricature artist Dan Dunn, Jody became established as one of Houston's top event caricaturist.

Caricatures by Jody Brownd

Caricatures by Cris Fay

Her cartoon illustrations and caricatures have appeared in magazines and corporate literature as well as on billboards and television. She has entertained with her artwork for Beyoncé, NFL and  NBA teams, the PGA tour, the Governor’s Office of Ohio,  Fortune 500 companies, and other major clients. Trained by the Walt Disney Studios. Cris Fay was selected by the Disney Studios for training as a professional animator. She received training from renowned professionals who created the finest Disney films.

Chris Fay Caricatures
Chris Fay Caricatures
Chris Fay Caricatures
Chris Fay Caricatures

Caricatures by Eve Myles

Eve is a great painter as well as a caricature artist.  Eve was President of the National Caricaturist Network in 1997. In l995 she won the NCN award for "Best Likeness." In l997 she won the slightly less coveted award, "Most Bizarre." Eve Myles is an Internationally known portrait artist.   Trained in art in New York City, she earned her BFA degree from Pratt Institute. Eve has painted many celebrities, including President Gerald Ford and First Lady Betty Ford, Elizabeth Taylor, President John Kennedy to name a few.

Caricatures by Eve Myles Caricatures by Eve Myles Caricatures by Eve Myles
Caricatures by Eve Myles

Caricatures by Nick Polydoros

His likenesses and attention to detail, as well as innovative creative techniques and craftsmanship all make Nick's work something special. Caricatures can be extremely tricky, forcing the artist to tread dangerous waters. How do you emphasize someones' extreme, unique physical traits, without offending? This is the toughest thing for a caricature artist to do, and Nick has developed that 'sense' that makes everyone love his work!

Caricatures by Nick Polydoros

Caricatures by Nick Polydoros


Caricatures by Rajan

Rajan's work has been recognized internationally by Parade, Business Week and Popular Science Magazines. A modest type of fellow, he lets the pen do the talking. Rajan blends the boundaries of art, design, comics and graffiti. He studied art and industrial design at The College for Creative Studies in Detroit, The Columbus (Ohio) College of Art and Design, and Ohio State University. Rajan finds inspiration in music, daily observations and dreams.

Rajan Caricature Houston Self Portrait, Rajan: Caricature Artist Houston TX Texas Rajan Caricature Houston

Caricatures by Martin Tremblay

Caricatures by Martin Tremblay

Martin Tremblay has been entertaining with caricatures for over 30 years. Starting in high school drawing his friends, Martin received art awards on both the state and national level. Since then he has worked all over the country, entertaining crowds with his amazing likenesses. A real veteran in the business, Martin is sure to please your crowd with entertainment that will long be remembered.

Caricatures by MAC

Mac (aka Marcario Garcia) began his Caricature career in 1999 at Six Flags Astroworld, when his mother forced him to get a summer job. He began drawing profile caricatures using calligraphy pens under the training of some of the greatest talented Caricaturist in the world. He has been incredibly excited about using the gift God gave him to make people smile ever since. He has performed at all types of events, from Cruise Ships to backyard birthday parties & from daycares to retirement centers. He is comfortable with all ages groups and has excellent people skills! He will even dress up in a costume to suit your party theme!

Caricatures by MAC - His real name is Macario Garcia

Caricatures by Cecil

A unique shading gives Cecil's work a very cool 3D and almost airbrushed appearance!


Caricatures by Cecil Caricatures by Cecil Caricatures by Cecil

Lori Ann Fitzgerald
Dallas Special Event Artist

Lori is available for Face Painting, Chalk Art and Live Street Performance Art anywhere in Texas.  Her talent is a great addition to any outdoor festival, Mitzvah, Corporate Event and yes even a childs birthday party on occasion.



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Face Painting and Henna Tattoo Artists

Turn your body into a canvas! All of our face painters are full- time artists. You won't get a teenager with a brush and an attitude! For a change, try our temporary tattoos. More info on some of our artists below!

Body and Face Painting by Sean Collins

Sean Collins is one of the most popular and talented facepainters in Houston. Sean does facepainting and body painting for kids and adults. His work is popular for clubs, parties, and corporate events and is a very fun and inexpensive way to entertain! His detailed and professinal work is always a hit with guests!

Houston Body and Face Painting Sean Collins
Houston Body and Face Painting Sean Collins Houston Body and Face Painting Sean Collins Houston Body and Face Painting Sean Collins

Body and Face Painting by Marion Griffith

Fantastic for any event and fun for all ages! Marion has boards filled with samples and pictures to choose from! From everyday designs to any major holiday! She does simple cheekart to complex full-faces and full-bodypainting too. She has also have been known to paint a wall or two!

Houston Face Painting Marion Griffith
Houston Face Painting Marion Griffith Houston Face Painting Marion Griffith Houston Face Painting Marion Griffith

Ekechi Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoos by Saniya Ekichi

Turn your body into a canvas with henna tattoos! Hailing from Bombay, India, Saniya is a third generation tattoo artist and is the owner of “The Original Henna Company”; the first company of its kind in the Houston area devoted to the art of henna. The quality of her work and her professionalism and respect for this art speaks for itself!

Ekechi Henna Tattoos
Ekechi Henna Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos with Kerry!
Temporary Tattoos Temporary Tattoos